A Time To Harvest

Back to the start.

I feel like I’m heading to face my death. It sounds stupid I know but that is the feeling I get.
I’m sat in the guest bedroom of the schoolhouse in Cobb’s Corner as I made my way back to get answers to what killed Boyd. I am putting my college dreams on the line but I owe it to us both to find out how he died. I loved him. He was my first love.

I feel that out of the four of us, I’m the only one who is doing something. Some of the others spoke about coming back but I’m the one willing to find out. Maybe it is my emotions that have gotten the better of me but I have put most of my money into this and I have spent the day on trains to make my way here. Plus I doubt nobody will notice I’m even gone. I’m also sure not many people would notice if I died.

Once I made it to Cobb’s Corner, I made my way to see the Sheriff who seemed shocked that I was in town. I explained my reason but he seemed offended. I reassured him that there is nothing wrong with the town. It was him to advised I stay at the school house. I have been made to feel welcome and am being looked after.

Tonight is one of the evenings I miss Boyd. I wish he was here, I wish that second trip never happened then I would not be here alone and he would not be dead. We would be together, looking towards the future.

I am also not being charged for drunkenly behaviour so that’s nice I guess.


misterc ImKeelyT

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