Maclearen Farmhouse

The farmhouse is a two story unsightly eyesore surrounded by thigh-high grasses. Behind the farm, large Sugar Maples grow where once corn or wheat held sway. Within the house a few unbroken chairs sit facing one another before a brick fireplace in which cold black ashes lie. A large window looks out on what was a front yard.

The layout consists of a front room, a large kitchen area, and what must have been a parlor downstairs, as well as two large bedrooms upstairs. The place is dusty and obviously could do with a clean. Oddly enough, the place doesn’t really feel abandoned, as if someone or some thing still visits here from time to time…waiting.

Hanging on the wall above the hand pump in the sink is a faded yellow and blue hand stitched plaque that reads “God bless our happy home.” Below the window looking out on the backyard stands a large insulated metal box into which ice can be poured and used to keep food cold. Through the rear window can be seen a decrepit outhouse that sits like an wooden island amongst a sea of grass—a collapsed barn, some fifty feet behind and surrounded by the Sugar Maple forest.

Miskatonic University has rented the house for the duration of the field trip. They have had a telephone line installed, but there is no gas or electricity; a wood burning stove is used for heat and cooking, and lanterns and torches are used for light after sundown.

The house used to belong to James Maclearan and Sarah Maclearan. James was the local ‘wild child’, good for nothing and prone to violence. Sarah Cutter saw something in him though, and together they built a happy home.
Sadly Sarah fell ill and died, and James was grief stricken. He left the farm to run to ruin and fell to drinking again. Now he spends most of his days in the ‘drunk tank’, locked up by his brother in law. Meanwhile the locals tell tales of Sarah’s Shade still haunting the old house.

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Maclearen Farmhouse

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