A Time To Harvest

Welcome to my Nightmare
Dreams, jinxes and wet weather~Millie

The thoughts of Millie Farwell. Student.

I can’t sleep. I’ve not slept properly for two days now. I’m tired all the time but still I try to carry on with the interviews. Laslow is being annoying as always. I seriously don’t like the guy. But we had coffee and food at Joe’s because of the rain, spoke to Joe as well, but that snake of a journalist tried getting a story out of us. I said no as did the others.

We headed back to the farmhouse when we saw Blaine there who looked slightly disappointed that it was only a few of us. Apparently he was going to get help (keeping warm and thinking of himself must be his method)

As I was about to try and get some sleep, the door knocked and it was the sheriff needing us down by the bridge as the others were struggling on a bridge. Whilst others helped each other to safety. I saw something quite unsettling but I assumed it was a dead cow or calf, nothing to worry about. I try not to think about it.

People keep questioning Blaine and his actions and the idea that he is a jinx. I can believe that. Blaine mentioned when he came back about a new site, from what I assume is the place Boyd died. I left before he could continue speaking. Anyway I doubt nobody noticed.

The grief I have is secret as we chose to keep our relationship quiet. So nobody knows the pain I’m in, the loud feminist is mourning for her man. I have the memories of us going to Massachusetts together and enjoying the sun and the lack of it. I think back as I try and get ready for bed.

I remember the day he told me about this follow up trip and how excited he was and that he was a little bit upset that Blaine would not be there. Still he was excited and I was happy for him. We listened to one of the records I had as we relaxed before he left.

We said our goodbyes and that it will only be a few weeks at least well that is what I told myself anyway as we hugged each other and kissed. I did not know that this would be the last time we would see each other again.

News of his death came and I was in shock, how could this have happened to him. He did not deserve to die. I felt alone as everyone was concerned about Blaine. I felt like he was to blame as well as the department.

I try and sleep but I woke up a few hours later after having another dream. I creep downstairs to see Martin and Sidney awake, assuming that they could have had dreams. I quietly ask them if they have had any strange dreams. Apparently they have had the same dreams as me.

We shall be asking the others if they’ve had dreams.

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