A Time To Harvest

Back to the start.

I feel like I’m heading to face my death. It sounds stupid I know but that is the feeling I get.
I’m sat in the guest bedroom of the schoolhouse in Cobb’s Corner as I made my way back to get answers to what killed Boyd. I am putting my college dreams on the line but I owe it to us both to find out how he died. I loved him. He was my first love.

I feel that out of the four of us, I’m the only one who is doing something. Some of the others spoke about coming back but I’m the one willing to find out. Maybe it is my emotions that have gotten the better of me but I have put most of my money into this and I have spent the day on trains to make my way here. Plus I doubt nobody will notice I’m even gone. I’m also sure not many people would notice if I died.

Once I made it to Cobb’s Corner, I made my way to see the Sheriff who seemed shocked that I was in town. I explained my reason but he seemed offended. I reassured him that there is nothing wrong with the town. It was him to advised I stay at the school house. I have been made to feel welcome and am being looked after.

Tonight is one of the evenings I miss Boyd. I wish he was here, I wish that second trip never happened then I would not be here alone and he would not be dead. We would be together, looking towards the future.

I am also not being charged for drunkenly behaviour so that’s nice I guess.

Robert Blaine RIP.
I've found him.

He’s dead. He is dead. Blaine is dead. I’m still trying to let it sink in. Robert Blaine is dead. I’m in the room with him. I did not want to leave him on his own. Whatever happened in Cobbs Corner has killed him.

A few of us spent the day looking for him. Checking the police station and the teaching hospital as well as the house beforehand. His landlord gave me the key to his room so we could go in. There we found letters from the University and somebody in Cobbs Corner. I read the letter and cried a little. I noted the address down.

As the day went HK got a message from the landlord saying Blaine was in. We made our way there but once there a loud gunshot was heard. Both myself and HK ran up. He tried and failed to knock the door down. I tried and somehow I managed to knock the door down and bolt up to his room. I went in looked round and that in when I saw him.

I was in a slight shock at seeing him there. I found him but I did not want it like this. I tried to shout but could not. HK came in and saw the scene. I then saw a shadow and thought I heard something. HK went to look then soon after left.

With only myself there with Blaine. I sit down near him and cry. I wanted to call him selfish but I stopped myself from doing so. It did not feel right. I feel the need to find a drink and take a sip.

The police come and they tell me not to worry. I mean I found him, they just don’t know what to say to me. One runs out however.

It has made me question more about what happened on the trips to Cobbs Corner. What killed Boyd,where is Daphne and what did Blaine witness. We need to go back there. I still need to know how Boyd died.

Four times I saw Blaine.......
And one time I might.

With the search going on for Robert Blaine within campus. It has got me thinking more about what he is going through, has been through and why alcohol is his comfort

I remember the day firstly when Boyd went on the original trip. He was excited to see what could be there. That was the first time I met Blaine. He seemed like a good guy and yes he was good looking but I was mostly focused on saying goodbye to Boyd as I hugged and kissed him.

The second time I really saw Blaine was when the smaller group prepared and despite what Boyd told me, I was still shocked that Blaine was not going due to injury. Blaine looked disappointed that he was unable to go but wished the group well. He seemed taken with Daphne. Needless to say we had no idea it would be the last we saw of them.

The third time I saw Blaine was when it was announced in College that the students was missing but one a Mr Boyd Patterson has been confirmed as dead. As my world fell apart and I cried. Blaine looked guilty, survival guilt I thought. A few months later I hear that alcohol has taken him.

The fourth time was on the trip I was on. I had no choice as my grades dropped and it was almost compulsory I went. By then I was trying to hold together but finding out Blaine was the leader hit me hard. I felt apart inside. He seemed to still be drinking but appeared to be functional. He also shared his drink with me on that fateful night.

I don’t know what will happen the fifth time. The almost shared history has me worried about him. I’ve seen him fall apart once, I do not want to see it again. He is a smart guy.

Ch-ch- changes

I’ve had the meeting. I was asked about my connection to one of the students as asked if my emotions got the better of me. (Dam my womanly emotions) I did cry a little as I answered.

I’ve been accepted back but it was implied that I focus on my studies as I’m on thin ice and waiting on if my charge will be dropped.

Coming back I’ve chosen to keep to myself and not go out unless I have to. I don’t want to be the subject of gossip. I mean sent home from the trip and drunk, heaven forbid. I’ve also stopped going to debate society and my feminist group. It did not feel right going to any of them.

I’ve been helping HK and Sidney about potentially going back to Cobb’s Corner and to find answers (I could find out how Boyd died) but to do that we find Blaine. A man who I’m not a fan of at all, but I am still worried and know how he feels.

Clarissa looked different as well.

Rage in the Storm
The Devil's Due !

I’ve had visitors, don’t know who they are… don’t care either…

…The Axe goes in, swing it, knock the wood away, repeat…

… my worst fears are manifesting about this, my mother’s past became present very quickly a few days later.

One of the guests only just got out of the way of the last piece of wood… wasn’t aiming at her but you can’t control wood. I heard her shout and when I turned to face her, she bolted… hope she got the message.

While there was doubt that it could have been supernatural, I was able to keep focused but now the pieces fit… I’m going to have to find another chopping block.

My father knows this hurts, all my favourite foods cooked for me… only able to eat half… he tries believe I went back to swinging my axe… after finding another chopping block.

Whiskey on My Breath.
Guilt and shame~Millie.

Mea culpa. Though my own fault in Latin that is and goodness this phase rings true.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I’m sent home from Cobbs Corner because I had a drink due to having a local mention a possible cause of Boyd’s death and scary multi limbed creatures. Myself and Everett drove to the Sheriff’s office but he just smelt alcohol on us and locked us up. I tried to tell him that I’m not drunk just terrified at what happened.

Sheriff called Professor Howard and he was livid and I can’t say I blame him. We’ve messed up and people might be missing because of us. He has told us we are heading back to the University in the morning and we will be spending the night in the cell. I could not sleep. The guilt is building up.

The morning we packed and made our way to the station. I felt like crying. I’ve messed up and I’m at a real risk of being kicked out of University. I’m thinking of my father who will no doubt tell me that I should not do men things (He hated me doing Ancient History. He wanted me to stay in Denver and become a secretary for a company or be a homemaker)

I’m sat in my dorm room. I don’t think people know I’m back. I did not want to go home to my family and I’ve got to face the music soon along with Everett and Speltzer who seems a bit of a know it all. The dealings I had with him have been few and far between. Not really memorable ones to be honest. (THAT SOUNDS BAD I KNOW BUT I DON’T CARE)

The thoughts of the possible missing students and a possible answer to how Boyd died keeps replaying in my mind. I can’t sleep at all, I shouldn’t have had that whiskey, then maybe I would not be back here worrying about everything. If I was upset in the past, Boyd would hug me and make me feel better and to stop being silly. Now I’m alone with my thoughts and ready for the consequences of my stupid stupid actions that night.

I’m going to try and get some rest now and to try not to cry too much.

Rank Amateurs
Sober and Sane


What can I say as the only person who stayed sober.

OK let’s skip the giant flying things kidnapping half of us and discuss what went wrong.

Never ever drink, it’s the first way of discrediting, not just you but everyone else around you… and don’t be a CRY BABY about it either.

Secondly, always look for evidence; either way you can prove or disprove anything. Never run away with your tail between your legs… they were meant to be university students wanting to explore but no… they ran right into the arms of HIM

… I’m sorry dad, I don’t know what traits you see in that Professor Howard but I don’t see them and I never will, not know and not ever. I don’t know what he did for you to consider him a friend but he is SHADOW to me… strong words and insults but the truth.

Spoke to dad about the photo, if it’s fake then we’ve got a mad person in the media, if it’s real then the Sheriff will need to watch his back. Also consulted him on the combined dreams as well, he said he had to dig deeper on this one… don’t know what he means by that.

10 MISSING or DEAD with an unknown threat still active and no way to get back to that town on usual paths. We left them behind and we are responsible for anything that happens to them.

I just hope I’ve calmed down by the start of term… Howard can be fiery when he wants to be and he’ll have something to say to the expedition members. Well I want the first say and our family, when we get mad…


… it’s hell on earth.

Welcome to my Nightmare
Dreams, jinxes and wet weather~Millie

The thoughts of Millie Farwell. Student.

I can’t sleep. I’ve not slept properly for two days now. I’m tired all the time but still I try to carry on with the interviews. Laslow is being annoying as always. I seriously don’t like the guy. But we had coffee and food at Joe’s because of the rain, spoke to Joe as well, but that snake of a journalist tried getting a story out of us. I said no as did the others.

We headed back to the farmhouse when we saw Blaine there who looked slightly disappointed that it was only a few of us. Apparently he was going to get help (keeping warm and thinking of himself must be his method)

As I was about to try and get some sleep, the door knocked and it was the sheriff needing us down by the bridge as the others were struggling on a bridge. Whilst others helped each other to safety. I saw something quite unsettling but I assumed it was a dead cow or calf, nothing to worry about. I try not to think about it.

People keep questioning Blaine and his actions and the idea that he is a jinx. I can believe that. Blaine mentioned when he came back about a new site, from what I assume is the place Boyd died. I left before he could continue speaking. Anyway I doubt nobody noticed.

The grief I have is secret as we chose to keep our relationship quiet. So nobody knows the pain I’m in, the loud feminist is mourning for her man. I have the memories of us going to Massachusetts together and enjoying the sun and the lack of it. I think back as I try and get ready for bed.

I remember the day he told me about this follow up trip and how excited he was and that he was a little bit upset that Blaine would not be there. Still he was excited and I was happy for him. We listened to one of the records I had as we relaxed before he left.

We said our goodbyes and that it will only be a few weeks at least well that is what I told myself anyway as we hugged each other and kissed. I did not know that this would be the last time we would see each other again.

News of his death came and I was in shock, how could this have happened to him. He did not deserve to die. I felt alone as everyone was concerned about Blaine. I felt like he was to blame as well as the department.

I try and sleep but I woke up a few hours later after having another dream. I creep downstairs to see Martin and Sidney awake, assuming that they could have had dreams. I quietly ask them if they have had any strange dreams. Apparently they have had the same dreams as me.

We shall be asking the others if they’ve had dreams.

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