A Time To Harvest

Robert Blaine RIP.

I've found him.

He’s dead. He is dead. Blaine is dead. I’m still trying to let it sink in. Robert Blaine is dead. I’m in the room with him. I did not want to leave him on his own. Whatever happened in Cobbs Corner has killed him.

A few of us spent the day looking for him. Checking the police station and the teaching hospital as well as the house beforehand. His landlord gave me the key to his room so we could go in. There we found letters from the University and somebody in Cobbs Corner. I read the letter and cried a little. I noted the address down.

As the day went HK got a message from the landlord saying Blaine was in. We made our way there but once there a loud gunshot was heard. Both myself and HK ran up. He tried and failed to knock the door down. I tried and somehow I managed to knock the door down and bolt up to his room. I went in looked round and that in when I saw him.

I was in a slight shock at seeing him there. I found him but I did not want it like this. I tried to shout but could not. HK came in and saw the scene. I then saw a shadow and thought I heard something. HK went to look then soon after left.

With only myself there with Blaine. I sit down near him and cry. I wanted to call him selfish but I stopped myself from doing so. It did not feel right. I feel the need to find a drink and take a sip.

The police come and they tell me not to worry. I mean I found him, they just don’t know what to say to me. One runs out however.

It has made me question more about what happened on the trips to Cobbs Corner. What killed Boyd,where is Daphne and what did Blaine witness. We need to go back there. I still need to know how Boyd died.


misterc ImKeelyT

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