Martin Speltzer


If you look at the two people who are doing double majors on the Southern Vermont then it would be like chalk and cheese.

Compare the clean cut suit of Laslow with the brown jacket of a Speltzer and you see and feel the difference; the front of a smart man versus a true realisation of a man, the ego of the ‘perfect’ versus the humanity of the ‘flawed’.

A man with a sense of humour but with enough general knowledge to be able to able to adapt to every situation; he doesn’t rely upon his appearance to his advantage as he is focused on his work and although asked several times to sit for art, he wishes to be seen as a man of the world, not of the face.


The Speltzer family have a history of searching for the books of the Occult, Spiritual and Supernatural. Most of the books are picked up out of interest along with countless writing’s by the father of how he has discredited the thieves and charlatans that exist in the world.

Martin was brought up with one condition in his life… that he would know the truth when he sees it and that, although his father has discredited some people, that doesn’t mean everything has a rational explanation.

Martin Speltzer

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