A Time To Harvest

Whiskey on My Breath.

Guilt and shame~Millie.

Mea culpa. Though my own fault in Latin that is and goodness this phase rings true.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I’m sent home from Cobbs Corner because I had a drink due to having a local mention a possible cause of Boyd’s death and scary multi limbed creatures. Myself and Everett drove to the Sheriff’s office but he just smelt alcohol on us and locked us up. I tried to tell him that I’m not drunk just terrified at what happened.

Sheriff called Professor Howard and he was livid and I can’t say I blame him. We’ve messed up and people might be missing because of us. He has told us we are heading back to the University in the morning and we will be spending the night in the cell. I could not sleep. The guilt is building up.

The morning we packed and made our way to the station. I felt like crying. I’ve messed up and I’m at a real risk of being kicked out of University. I’m thinking of my father who will no doubt tell me that I should not do men things (He hated me doing Ancient History. He wanted me to stay in Denver and become a secretary for a company or be a homemaker)

I’m sat in my dorm room. I don’t think people know I’m back. I did not want to go home to my family and I’ve got to face the music soon along with Everett and Speltzer who seems a bit of a know it all. The dealings I had with him have been few and far between. Not really memorable ones to be honest. (THAT SOUNDS BAD I KNOW BUT I DON’T CARE)

The thoughts of the possible missing students and a possible answer to how Boyd died keeps replaying in my mind. I can’t sleep at all, I shouldn’t have had that whiskey, then maybe I would not be back here worrying about everything. If I was upset in the past, Boyd would hug me and make me feel better and to stop being silly. Now I’m alone with my thoughts and ready for the consequences of my stupid stupid actions that night.

I’m going to try and get some rest now and to try not to cry too much.


misterc ImKeelyT

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