A Time To Harvest

Rank Amateurs

Sober and Sane


What can I say as the only person who stayed sober.

OK let’s skip the giant flying things kidnapping half of us and discuss what went wrong.

Never ever drink, it’s the first way of discrediting, not just you but everyone else around you… and don’t be a CRY BABY about it either.

Secondly, always look for evidence; either way you can prove or disprove anything. Never run away with your tail between your legs… they were meant to be university students wanting to explore but no… they ran right into the arms of HIM

… I’m sorry dad, I don’t know what traits you see in that Professor Howard but I don’t see them and I never will, not know and not ever. I don’t know what he did for you to consider him a friend but he is SHADOW to me… strong words and insults but the truth.

Spoke to dad about the photo, if it’s fake then we’ve got a mad person in the media, if it’s real then the Sheriff will need to watch his back. Also consulted him on the combined dreams as well, he said he had to dig deeper on this one… don’t know what he means by that.

10 MISSING or DEAD with an unknown threat still active and no way to get back to that town on usual paths. We left them behind and we are responsible for anything that happens to them.

I just hope I’ve calmed down by the start of term… Howard can be fiery when he wants to be and he’ll have something to say to the expedition members. Well I want the first say and our family, when we get mad…


… it’s hell on earth.


misterc RPGWerewolf

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