A Time To Harvest

Rage in the Storm

The Devil's Due !

I’ve had visitors, don’t know who they are… don’t care either…

…The Axe goes in, swing it, knock the wood away, repeat…

… my worst fears are manifesting about this, my mother’s past became present very quickly a few days later.

One of the guests only just got out of the way of the last piece of wood… wasn’t aiming at her but you can’t control wood. I heard her shout and when I turned to face her, she bolted… hope she got the message.

While there was doubt that it could have been supernatural, I was able to keep focused but now the pieces fit… I’m going to have to find another chopping block.

My father knows this hurts, all my favourite foods cooked for me… only able to eat half… he tries believe I went back to swinging my axe… after finding another chopping block.


misterc RPGWerewolf

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